Be Still - Peter Evans

June 10, 2018

Threats and challenges, real and imagined, can come at us like the Egyptians to the Israelites at the Red Sea. Continuing The Living Presence series, Peter encourages through Moses to be still, to let God be God and to allow His Presence to fight our battles for us.


Gods Presence, No Agenda - Bjorn Irani

May 27, 2018

This week at Outer East, Bjorn Irani joins us from Mid-East, sharing how the Living Presence of God can be found in the day-to-day and taking the time to notice and sit with Him.


Prince. Avenger. Judge. Fugitive - Peter Evans

May 20, 2018

In the space of 12 verses in Exodus, Moses goes from a Prince to avenger, judge, and finally, a fugitive. His story teaches us that what lies beneath the surface matters, and that it's solitude that God converts us. 



Rest, Gifts and Crumbs. The Living Presence - Peter Evans

May 6, 2018

God is calling Red into a holy season of rest. His Presence is a gift promised to all and is one which we already have if one we look for His signs and signals; His crumbs.


Disciples, Priests and Planters - Peter Evans

April 29, 2018

As we pause to hear the vision that God has for Red, Peter encourages us to lean into Jesus as passionate, committed disciples in all circumstances. Looking at inspirational examples from the Word and today, we also embrace the unique call from God to live as priests and planters.


Jesus the Breath of Life - Col Smith

April 15, 2018

How close do we allow Jesus to come to us? Col invites us to both breathe in and breathe out as we allow Jesus to come close, breathing in His love and life so that we are able to breathe out into the world His goodness and faithfulness.


Living a Third Day Story - John Robinson

April 8, 2018

What does it mean to live well when we're having a 'Saturday experience'. When God is calling us to wait and heaven seems silent? Through mystery and trust, John encourages us to worship God in this unique liminal space.


Celebrating the Risen King - Peter Evans

April 1, 2018

On Easter Sunday, we look at the easiest spiritual discipline – Celebration – or is it? Fear and negativity can rob us of joy infusing all our practices. Peter encourages us to laugh, worshipfully and celebrate everything and everyone on the day that we celebrate the Risen King.